Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finding Value

Today I learned something from an amazing sermon!

IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT ME!  At times I tend to think this way but after listening today and seeing what God is capable of I now know that it isn't all about me and what I want!

I am now going to be helping other people find the value in themselves to make myself more valuable! IF I can't help people see how valuable they are then how can I see myself as a valuable part of this community, and this world?

God knows we are all valuable in our own unique ways, otherwise we wouldn't be here. He teaches us through his words in the Gospel to find value in our lives and in our homes and in our community! We must branch out and help those that aren't believers or that are questioning their beliefs or faith find the value in themselves and the value in believing in Jesus Christ and our Father!

You are valuable, and you are wanted!

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