Sunday, March 2, 2014

Women's Ministry Trip to Romania

I am so excited to be starting my journey to get me to Romania this summer to share and spread the word of God to people who really need to hear it! To share the stories with these women and children about how he has worked in my life and where he has led and is leading me to go! I have started two fundraisers today to help me earn the funds that I need to be able to go reach out to these people and touch their lives and hearts with the love that Jesus and our Father has for us!

If you feel so inclined to donate, no matter the amount, I would greatly appreciate it! I will keep everyone posted with my journey  to getting there and my journey while I'm there as well!

You can help with donations by visiting my GoFundMe account or You can also help with donations by ordering from my Scentsy Family fundraisers. By following the links below you can access my website and purchase from Women's Ministry Trip to Romania!


Scentsy Family Fundraisers:

Thank you in advance for any all donations that are made!

God Bless!

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